Egypt activist Alaa Abdelfattah calls on Egypt’s judiciary to step down

Ahdaf Soueif reports: Alaa was brought before a judge today, in Tora, to decide whether his “detention pending trial” would continue. Alaa has been in prison- this time- (Case 1356/2019 State Security) since September 2019.

Today he addressed the judge: “I’m imprisoned against the spirit of the law because my imprisonment has now lasted more than 18 months. There are people who’ve been in prison more than two years and this is against the letter of the law. The Executive uses this imprisonment [pending trial] to get around the abolition of political detention. The Court and the Prosecution, instead of defending us, carry out what the Executive wants. This can only be explained if the Court and the Prosecution are under pressure from the Executive. If you are under pressure, resign. If you can’t resign, recuse yourselves.

Every time a prisoner speaks he takes a risk.Let’s remember them. Let’s amplify their voices